You need mulch to revamp your landscape ― you need LaytonScape. From parks to playgrounds to residential flower beds all across northern Utah, we consider mulch a key ingredient in the art form that is landscaping.

Mulch is useful for your property for lots of reasons, and we have a large supply of many different types and colors. It is vital to a complete, finished landscape, and our team can help with your home or business today.

Why Invest in High-Quality Mulch for Your Utah Home?

The best part about mulch is how it makes your property look. An evenly mulched area appears clean, professional and beautiful. It’s a sure sign your landscape is well cared for.

Second, a mulch cover helps control weed growth. Mulching is a one-time cost that reduces ongoing maintenance expenses. It’s a smart way to keep your flower beds in top shape without constant attention.

Speaking of maintenance, how would you like to pay less in watering costs too? Mulch helps minimize evaporation from the soil. Since the underlying soil stays moist, you will not need to water as often. This is especially beneficial for a dry climate, a major plus for northern Utah residents. 

Because of its protective qualities, mulch spread around your plants and flowers can reduce the chance of diseases. Mulch is a natural insulation against weather extremes as well, keeping plants warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Professional Mulch Preparation and Planning

So now it’s time to buy a truckload of mulch and spread it around. Is it really that simple? 

Mulching an area might seem like a straightforward weekend task, but it’s more involved than you might think. At LaytonScape, we have a defined plan of action we follow when mulching.

First, it’s important to cut the shape of the landscape bed you plan on filling with mulch. The entire area must be weeded and prepared. It’s also a smart idea to install a landscape fabric underneath to further prevent weed growth through the mulch cover.

Then, based on the square footage and the desired thickness of the mulch, we deliver and spread the product evenly throughout the space. It’s a labor-intensive job, but at LaytonScape, we don’t shy away from hard work. We make sure the finished product is clean and neat. Messy mulching disturbs other areas of your landscape like the grass. We take great care to mulch with precision.

Enjoy Your Freshly Landscaped Yard

Once mulch is down, your landscape is reaching the finish line. You can begin to relax, knowing your yard is prepared for the season. 

At LaytonScape, our clients’ mulch projects rarely look exactly the same because we carry so many different types of mulch. From decorative fir bark to artificial chips for a play area, we have a wide variety of colors and materials to match your specification.

Contact us today and we will put together a detailed, informative price quote for your mulch project. Trust our team to deliver high-quality, stunning results ― it’s what we do for our customer base through northern Utah. Join the ranks of our many satisfied mulching clients.