Hardscape Design & Installation

We can design and build stunning hardscape features that add functionality to your landscaping.

LaytonScape offers expert hardscape design and installation across northern Utah. We excel at a wide range of projects, from revitalizing tired back yards to creating new formations from a blank canvas.

Hardscape construction brings definition to landscapes and adds the dimension needed to boost curb appeal and make you proud of your land and your home. You can trust LaytonScape to create a custom hardscape design that fulfills your every dream.

Build a Strong Foundation with Your Hardscape Design

Hardscape refers to the features of a landscape that are non-living, and these include pathways, patios and retaining walls. But hardscapes also can be arbors, fire pits, benches and more. The hardscape is the outline, the skeleton of the landscaping project. It is the foundational building block upon which all other design concepts are based. 

Simply put, your hardscape design is important.

LaytonScape has a resume of award-winning designs, so you are trusting the right team when you want originality and excellence. We consistently formulate superior hardscape designs, drawing on our experience and your vision.

Build a Strong Foundation with Your Hardscape Design

It is not just the design that should be top-notch: Skillful installation is key to a complete, cohesive, finished product. You want quality materials, workmanship and colors, and you want the project done on time and on budget. 

This is how we work, and the results are a hardscape that is truly awe-inspiring to you and vastly exceeds your expectations on all counts.

From pavers to brick to stone, we use only the best materials for our custom hardscape design and installation projects, ensuring they dazzle you but also stand up to the harsh northern Utah weather, so you can enjoy your outdoor living areas for years to come.

Take Advantage of Our Hardscaping Experience

When you trust LaytonScape for your hardscape design, you’re getting service from a company with decades of experience creating outdoor living spaces that bring to life your unique vision and style. We know how to put your dream on paper, then we make that plan come to life right before your eyes. 

When a hardscape design is carefully thought out and perfectly installed, it doesn’t only open up outdoor space for regular use, it also improves water drainage and helps prevent soil erosion. By depending on a team with proven success in the design field, and also in the mechanics of installing functional hardscapes, you are making a wise investment.

Call LaytonScape today and request a free estimate for the hardscape design and installation project you have in mind to transform your property. Our professional, helpful staff is standing by, ready to listen to your ideas and get to work.