Water Features

Water features automatically make your property stand out from the rest, and LaytonScape is the company you can trust to create a stunning pond, waterfall or fountain in your yard.

LaytonScape is northern Utah’s premier installer of high-quality, natural-looking water features that blend seamlessly with surrounding vegetation. Adding a water feature will bring you personal satisfaction as well as increase your property value ― what’s not to love?

Water Features Enhance the Local Ecosystem

It’s important to care for and preserve the environment, even if that environment is your own back yard. A water feature will attract a wide variety of species, from birds to frogs to dragonflies. You are creating a space where creatures are welcome, and flora and fauna can both flourish.

The LaytonScape team understands that no animals, birds or bugs will flock to a water feature unless it’s built with care and is a peaceful place to visit. We have decades of experience perfecting different water feature plans, from aquatic gardens to tiered fountains. 

The finished product will amaze you, but it will also attract wildlife, making your yard a haven for birds, butterflies and maybe even deer.

Enjoy Stress Relief in Your Yard

The sound of moving water does wonders for your peace of mind, and that’s one of the main motivating factors behind installing a water feature. Being able to simply open your sliding door and surround yourself with nature on your own patio ― that’s the reward you need after a long day at work.

At LaytonScape, we make it a priority to design water features with your needs in mind. We can structure and position the installation for maximum stress-relieving benefits.

Improve Utah Property Appearance and Value with Water Features

Whether you plan on living in your home for decades to come or you’re trying to sell the property as soon as possible, installing water features adds value to a home. A trickling fountain or a pond filled with fish sets your home apart from the rest. It also shows that you take care of your gardens and make superior landscaping a priority.

We create water features that accentuate your landscaping and your home’s architecture, making it look natural, flawlessly integrating it into your property’s overall design. If you were planning to move, you might change your mind. You’ll love what our imagination can produce.

Contact us today and learn more about our design process. Together, we can make your property come to life with a free-flowing, eye-catching water feature that will wow you, your neighbors, your guests and anyone else visiting your home. 

LaytonScape provides free estimates for all projects, including water features, and we want to add you to the list of our satisfied clients in northern Utah.