Outdoor Lighting

We do not create light only to enhance night vision. Light helps us understand our surroundings, address our emotions, and provide security.

Are you ready to turn your shadowy back yard into a nighttime retreat? Outdoor lighting gives you a place to unwind or entertain into the evening hours.

At LaytonScape, we are able to blend modern and traditional styles, providing you with the outdoor lighting that jibes with your vision of the ideal place to relax, whether it’s on your patio, by the pool or under the veranda.

Add Square Footage to Your Utah Living Spaces

Don’t stay cooped up inside the house. Wouldn’t you rather be outside enjoying the gorgeous Utah sunset while the day turns to dusk? If your yard is dark and spooky, the answer is probably no. However, with just a little imagination and some dedicated hard work, some well-placed lighting can empower you to break out of your normal routine. 

When you allow LaytonScape to spruce up your deck, it’s like adding a whole extra room ― you’ll be spending that much time out there. And think of the entertaining possibilities! You don’t have to move your cookout inside at sundown, you can continue the party into the wee hours.

Enhance Curb Appeal with Outdoor Lighting

Make your home the hub of the neighborhood, or at the very least, the envy of the neighborhood. A well-lit back yard is noticeable and attractive. It’s cheery and inviting. Whether for your own enjoyment or to add some character in order to sell, your home could use some added curb appeal, and outdoor lighting is the key. 

Let LaytonScape take your boring outdoor living area and create a delightful location to celebrate memorable occasions or just listen to the sounds of a hot summer night.

Increase Safety and Security with Outdoor Lighting Installation

One of the most important reasons to invest in outdoor lighting may not have crossed your mind until now ― outdoor lighting adds both safety and security as well.

When your guests are outdoors past sundown, they could easily trip and fall if pathways aren’t properly lit. You can prevent this with expertly placed accent lighting. It can prevent injury while adding to your outdoor living area’s atmosphere.

No lighting outside is a definite security risk. Security lights scare away animals and intruders and leave you with greater peace of mind when you go away on vacation. Lighting protects you when you’re home and when you’re away. 

Are you ready to transform your outdoor living areas? You can get a free estimate along with many creative ideas today when you contact our team. Let LaytonScape guide you in the outdoor lighting selection and installation process ― we are northern Utah’s premier landscape lighting experts.