Retaining Walls

At LaytonScape, we pride ourselves on the sturdy, attractive retaining walls we have installed over the years for our northern Utah customer base. A retaining wall serves multiple purposes: It’s aesthetically pleasing, it adds structure to a landscape design, it aids in water drainage and prevents soil erosion.

Do you want to enhance your landscape with a retaining wall?

Enjoy Functional Uses of Retaining Walls

If you have a sloped yard you wish you could use for activities or gardening, a retaining wall can help safely even out the soil and allow you to take advantage of more of your available yard space.

You won’t have to worry anymore about your plants and flowers getting washed out with the next rainstorm. And you can rest assured water won’t be flowing toward your foundation either ― retaining walls can be built with drainage systems inside, facilitating the flow of stormwater away from your home.

Your pets and children can play happily on the level, grassy surface, and no flooding or erosion will mar the landscape.

Retaining Walls Add Aesthetic Appeal to Your Utah Yard

At LaytonScape, we offer many different styles and designs, allowing you to customize your retaining wall to fit your preferences. We build retaining walls made of block stones, boulders, rock slabs, bricks, natural wood or concrete.

Since we have both landscaping and general contractor licenses, we have the training and ability to erect retaining walls with the structural integrity your landscape needs.

A retaining wall can highlight sections of your yard, adding dimension and a professional look to your gardens. Retaining walls also can double as benches, providing additional seating to an outdoor kitchen or fire pit area.

Regardless of its exact placement, a retaining wall enriches a landscape, giving your yard an attractive boost. 

Take Pride in Your One-Time Landscape Investment

When retaining walls are constructed firmly and designed properly, they can last for years with little to no maintenance ― all you have to do is rinse it with a hose or clean it with a pressure washer. 

Besides routine cleaning, retaining walls will not cost you another cent after you pay for the initial building costs. Of course, you have to make sure the company you hire to complete the project is dependable and uses only the best materials, constructing the wall with precision and skill. That’s exactly what we promise at LaytonScape.

In all of our landscape installations, we take cues from the surrounding environment. Combining the ruggedness of the Wasatch Range with the lushness of northern Utah in the spring, we build retaining walls for our clients that fit seamlessly with the vision of an ideal landscape for Utah homeowners: durable yet luxurious.

LaytonScape is the professional team you want on your side when you renovate your landscape with a retaining wall. Contact us today and tell us about your dream for your property.