Sprinkler Installation

Let LaytonScape handle your sprinkler installation project, and your Saturday mornings will never be the same. You won’t have to spend hours watering and caring for your plants ― your sprinkler system will turn on as scheduled and keep your yard fresh and healthy.

We offer budget-friendly sprinkler installation options for homeowners throughout northern Utah. If you have been searching for a solution for landscape care, we can provide a wide range of designs to fit your property.

Sprinkler Installation Saves You Time and Money

When you think about installing a sprinkler system, you may be hesitant while thinking of your water bill.

But in fact, a sprinkler installation will save you money on your water bill over the long term. Since you can time the system to turn on and off at set intervals, providing only the exact amount of water your lawn and flowers need, there is no risk of over-watering and wasting resources.

In addition, once you set up a schedule for your sprinkler system, you no longer have to stress over whether you remembered to water your plants. You can focus your energy on other pursuits, freeing up your time for your hobbies and your family. 

At LaytonScape, we know how important it is to know the cost versus benefit of any decision, including decisions involving your landscape. We will provide you with a free quote and break down the details for you clearly and concisely.

Maintain Your Investment with Automatic Sprinklers

Want another great reason to get sprinklers installed? You have another investment hinging on proper maintenance: your landscape. If you have spent hours of your time or if you’ve paid professionals to groom your lawn with care, you know beautiful vegetation doesn’t grow itself. It needs weeding and watering ― especially watering. 

A sprinkler installation preserves your initial investment, keeping your greenery green. Our team will design a sprinkler system that reaches all areas of your property, ensuring no plant goes dry.

Add to Your Utah Home Value with Automatic Sprinkler Installation

Sprinkler installations most definitely contribute to home values. When a prospective buyer sees that they don’t have to think about watering the beautiful grounds, they’re much more drawn to the home with the gorgeous, thriving landscape. They don’t want to have to worry about upkeep.

At LaytonScape, we are not ashamed to brag: A sprinkler installation completed by our knowledgeable team will work wonders for you and your lawn, as it has for many of our past clients throughout northern Utah. 

With the tools and skills on hand, we are ready to get started today. Call us and together we’ll map out a plan. It’s only a matter of time before you can enjoy your vibrant green grass, all without having to pick up the hose.