Water Drainage

Do you have puddles of muddy stormwater pooling on your lawn? It’s annoying to wait for days for your yard to dry out so you can use your outdoor space once again. You need a water drainage solution that will work effectively for your landscape. 

LaytonScape is a company that appreciates how vital water is to your plants, but we know that too much is too much. Proper drainage is important for the health of your land, but also the integrity of your home. Water is any homeowner’s enemy, and we start fighting back by addressing the drainage issues in your entire yard. 

The Problem with Standing Water

When your yard has standing water, you’re hesitant to walk on the grass or let your children or pets run free as usual. You don’t want them tearing up the soft earth or tracking mud through the house. It’s a continual frustration.

In addition, depending on what types of plants and trees you have on on your property, your vegetation is at risk when it’s exposed to too much water. Diseases flourish and can potentially kill certain types of flowers and trees.

Also, mosquitoes thrive in wet areas. It takes only about two days for their eggs to hatch, so if standing water is on your property for too long, you could have a bug problem along with a water problem. 

Functional water drainage is imperative to any yard, but especially a landscape situated on a slope or in an area where water naturally pools. At LaytonScape, we’ve seen it all. We know exactly what to do to rectify the issue so you can enjoy your back yard once again.

What Are Your Water Drainage Options?

The first step we will take is to assess your property’s topography. We will map out current water drainage patterns and evaluate soil conditions.

Next, we will make recommendations based on our professional experience, whether that includes changing the grade and slope of your yard or installing a water drainage system. We can install many types, from French drains to sump pumps and more.

When we examine your property in person, we will immediately write up a detailed quote that includes your personalized water drainage solution based on our findings. We provide you with multiple options as well, so you can choose the remedy that best fits your needs and your budget.

Trust Us to Provide Lasting Water Drainage Solutions for Your Utah Home

You might think there is nothing worse than a water problem. In fact, there is nothing worse than a water problem that won’t go away. But with the LaytonScape team on your side, you can rest assured that moisture will not haunt you any longer. You can start appreciating your property again, even after a heavy rain. 

Call LaytonScape today for your water drainage solution ― we’ve been repairing landscape moisture issues in northern Utah for decades, and it’s time we handled yours as well.