Erosion Control

Rain is always good for your landscape … or is it? When your yard can’t absorb any more water and your plants, mulch and soil begin to wash away, it’s time to consider how professional erosion control could help.

You might associate erosion with commercial construction, but it’s not limited to excavation. It can happen anywhere, including residential landscapes. Whether you need help for your northern Utah home because it’s located on a hillside or near a river, LaytonScape can offer you professional solutions at a cost-effective rate.

Watch for the Signs of Erosion on Your Utah Property

What are the signs you need erosion control? Erosion doesn’t always happen all at once, even though a major storm could lead to sudden runoff. In many cases, erosion may begin to show when you start noticing exposed tree roots in your yard or excessive soil on your driveway or running down your street.

Why is erosion control essential? While mulch and soil runoff create a messy appearance, they also can be dangerous. If you use fertilizer to improve your landscape, excessive erosion causes these chemicals to spread to public drainage systems, affecting the local water supply. Many different methods are involved in this type of landscaping, and LaytonScape can fill you in on the options that will be best for your needs. 

Forming a Comprehensive Plan for Erosion Control

The best erosion control involves a multi-faceted, comprehensive plan that addresses the root of the problem. Your plan may involve drainage system installation, slope grading, barriers that help direct water flow, or all of the above.

For instance, a sloped area suffering from extreme erosion can benefit from baffle barriers that help divert water from running straight down a hillside.

It also may be useful to construct terraces out of concrete or brick. Retaining walls separate a hillside into graduated flat sections, giving water time to seep into the soil.

Carefully choosing the plants that will be situated on the slope can also help. Select plants that can quickly adapt to the hillside and absorb a significant amount of water.

Altogether, LaytonScape offers a long list of erosion control tactics, which, when used in conjunction with each other, help minimize runoff on your property.

Utilize LaytonScape’s Erosion Control Expertise

Erosion control is a serious matter. It can mean the difference between success and failure for your landscape. When you begin to spot the signs of erosion, it doesn’t benefit you to wait until the problem is worse ― it won’t get better on its own. In fact, the longer you wait to hire a professional landscaping team, the more damage you’ll have to repair. 

Talk to us today about the issues you’re having with erosion. Our staff is fully trained and highly experienced in erosion control, and we can work together to eliminate this unsightly and inconvenient problem on your property.