Putting Greens

Have you always dreamed of taking your golf game pro? If you believe practice is the only element separating you from an invitation to the masters tournament, or if you just truly enjoy playing golf, then installing a putting green on your property is an excellent idea. 

At LaytonScape, we know what makes a good putting green, because we know landscape. We install putting greens that are professional grade, giving you the full experience so your ball will behave exactly like it does on the course. We can talk to you about options for putting greens, including both natural grass and artificial turf.

Work On Your Game at Home with Putting Greens

Whether you are new to the game or have followed the sport for decades, practicing on putting greens can help you improve your score and impress your fellow golfers. Practicing your swing on putting greens also helps you relax and unwind after a long day at work. Your lawn serves a better purpose when you use it to improve your skills. 

With so many affordable and attractive choices, why not trust LaytonScape with the putting green installation you’ve been wanting? We can customize the size and shape to fit your preferences.

Benefits of Artificial Turf Installation

If you elect to explore our artificial turf options, whether for putting greens, sports fields or to replace your natural lawn, you should know that you are receiving a high-quality product that will result in a major return on investment.

Artificial turf has many benefits, including decreased maintenance needs. If you have pets, you will no longer have to worry about dirty paws ruining your carpets, because they won’t be tracking in mud or digging up holes in your yard. No dirt means no mess. 

It’s also useful to place artificial turf around a pond or swimming pool. You won’t have to mow around these areas anymore, and you’ll still have a grassy look that lends a natural feel to your landscape.

Ongoing Professional Maintenance for Utah Putting Greens

LaytonScape doesn’t simply install your turf and leave ― we stick around to help you maintain it too. While putting greens or lawns made of artificial turf don’t require as much maintenance as natural grass, they still need regular care to extend the life of the material. We ensure water drains properly from both natural and artificial putting greens and sports fields in order to protect the surfaces and surrounding landscape. 

Let LaytonScape turn your back yard into every golf master’s dream: Get a putting green installed at your northern Utah home. Contact us to find out more details and start envisioning the wonderful memories you will make with friends and family while practicing your swing in your very own back yard.