Evergreen Trees

In Northern Utah, you’ll find the best selection of high-quality spruce and evergreen trees at LaytonScape’s tree nursery near Salt Lake City, Utah.

We specialize in large-caliper evergreens that are locally grown and obsessively cared for. With over four decades in business, we ensure that every tree is planted at the proper depth, watered, fertilized, shaped, and maintained for optimal health and beauty. This helps ensure that, when transplanted to your home or business, your trees will continue to thrive, providing you with decades of beauty while requiring minimal maintenance.

Among our many options are Colorado blue spruce, Colorado green spruce, Concolor fir, Black Hills spruce, and Austrian pine. We have full-size and dwarf varieties, to accommodate your every need. We also offer locally grown beech, aspen, maple, flowering pear, cork bark fir, and more.

We offer professional transport and planting or, if you prefer the DIY approach, you can pick up your selections at our convenient tree nursery location. Our staff is as friendly and helpful as they are knowledgeable. We can answer all your questions and provide the advice and guidance you need for success. 

Contact the LaytonScape Utah evergreen tree nursery today to learn more about our full range of landscape design and installation and tree planting services.