Colorado Green Spruce Trees

The Colorado green spruce is, essentially, the same varietal as the Colorado blue spruce but with a subtle variation in color.

This coniferous evergreen features single needles of approximately 1 inch in length. The needles typically have a waxy coating that, in the sunlight, produces colors that range from blue to green or, in some cases, gravitate toward a deep golden or gray hue.

With sizes ranging as tall as 50 to 60 feet at full maturity, the green spruce needs plenty of room to grow and spread its majestic branches. If you’re unsure about a full-size tree, ask us about alternative dwarf varieties that are more appropriate for smaller yards.

You won’t have to worry much at all about maintenance for the Colorado spruce as it only requires pruning if you prefer a denser foliage growth pattern. In fact, you won’t have to worry much about this tree at all. It withstands the northern Utah climate extremes and can even manage through dry periods without excessive watering.

LaytonScape’s evergreen tree nursery provides locally grown, large-caliper evergreens. Every tree we grow is carefully cultivated by hand, to ensure the healthiest, most beautiful results. We can deliver and plant your trees or, if you prefer, you can take them home for do-it-yourself planting.

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