Colorado Blue Spruce Trees

Colorado Blue Spruce Trees

The Colorado blue spruce is treasured throughout northern Utah and along the Wasatch front for its hardy nature and stately, classic appearance. This pyramid-shaped conifer maintains its ethereal color all year long and provides as much beauty in your landscape during the winter as it does during the summer.

Choose the blue spruce for areas where it can grow to its full height – potentially up to 60 feet tall and 24 feet across – or choose one of the many dwarf varieties for smaller areas of your landscaping.

Requiring very little maintenance, this tree tolerates our northern Utah climate extremes with ease. Its uniform singular needles and intense aroma discourage predatory wildlife while providing unique color and fragrance to enhance both residential and commercial landscaping. If you prefer a more dense foliage pattern, talk to one of our Utah evergreen tree nursery experts for pruning recommendations.

At LaytonScape’s northern Utah tree nursery, you will find a wide variety of locally grown large-caliper blue spruce trees. When incorporated into your overall landscape design, these trees will enhance your property’s value and curb appeal.

We provide delivery and planting services or, if you prefer the do-it-yourself approach, you can select your trees at our nursery and take them home with you. Contact our Salt Lake City-area tree nursery today to learn more about incorporating the Colorado blue spruce at your home or business location.