Colorado Spruce Trees

The Colorado spruce – sometimes also known as the green or blue spruce – was Utah’s first state tree. A member of the pine family, these elegant and stately trees are one of the fastest growing varieties available.

Although this variety can grow as tall as 100 feet, you can expect an average height of 30 to 60 feet at full maturity, with potential growth of 12 to 24 inches per year. Its diameter can reach between 10 and 20 feet at the base with a familiar, conical
“Christmas tree” shape. This spruce variety has prickly needles and a deep pine aroma that makes it resistant to deer and other types of wildlife.

The cone-bearing blue spruce requires little maintenance, and pruning is not usually necessary unless you prefer more dense foliage. It’s hardy even during the coldest periods and vulnerable to only a limited number of pests and diseases.

Here at LaytonScape, we like using this tree variety in our landscape designs because it provides color and interest all year long. Its features waxy needles that are typically in the blue-green range of color. Choose this variety of spruce for those areas that will provide plenty of room to grow. 

LaytonScape is northern Utah’s tree nursery of choice. Contact us to learn more about adding the Colorado spruce tree to your residential or commercial landscape.