4 Reasons To Add Mulch To Your Landscape

4 Reasons To Add Mulch To Your Landscape

Mulch refers to a variety of different materials used to cover soil. However, the most common are bark chips, straw, newspaper and other organic compost.
Each type of mulch has its own unique benefits, but the most popular is bark. Bark is typically shredded or chipped and laid over the soil and around trees. Besides being aesthetically pleasing, it also has some great benefits for the health of your plants.

Below, we list for you the four best reasons to add bark or other mulches to your landscape.

1. Fewer Weeds

If you love weeding, then mulch might not be the best thing to add to your garden. When added correctly, this compound acts as a protection from invading weeds.

Weeds need three things to survive: sunlight, water and a place to grow. Mulching eliminates two of these.

First, it makes it difficult for light to pass through to the soil. Second, when a seed is blown on top of it, the seed is unable to set down roots and grow.

2. Added Moisture

A lot of water is lost during Utah’s hot summers through evaporation. With mulching, the water stays in the soil longer. The compost creates a cooling layer that stops water in the soil from evaporating.

As a result, the soil stays healthier and so do your plants.

3. Increased Nutrients

Over time, organic mulch, like the kind we mention above, will begin to break down. Worms, microbes and water will transfer these nutrients from the mulch into the soil. Bark breaks down the slowest, while leaves and manure breakdown the fastest.

Mulching is a great way to fertilize your soil while helping your yard look better!

4. Protection Against the Elements

As mentioned before, this practice helps keep your soil cooler. This is important if you need to better protect certain plants from the sun. It also helps keep the roots from freezing during the winter as well.

With an extra covering, you’re able to better protect your most prized plants from the whims of nature.

Add Mulch to Your Yard Today

These are just a few of the benefits that mulching can bring to your garden. Plus, it provides support for your plants, saves you time and money and looks great! Mulch is an incredibly important resource.

Here in Utah, the soil is often dry, stripped of nutrients and barren. Left to its own devices, few things would grow. However, with a little help from mulch and gardening experts, you can get a stunning lawn that rivals those in even the most plush states.

Call us today to get all of these benefits and more for your home and garden.