4 Garden Designs for Utah’s Climate

4 Garden Designs for Utah’s Climate

Those looking to upgrade their garden designs may find that Utah weather can make it difficult. Unlike in other more humid states, here in Utah, we have to deal with hot, dry summers, frigid winters and much more.

4 Garden Designs for Utah's Climate

All this can have a poor effect on your dream garden design. However, just because you live in a desert doesn’t mean that your lawn has to look like one.

There are many plants and designs that you can use to spruce up your space. Take a look at our four garden design tips below to get your area looking its best.

Incorporate Stoneware and Paths

A common trend of landscape design for homes in Utah this year are stones, rocks and concrete paths.

Incorporating these paths into your landscape limits the amount of greenery that you need to care for and maintain. Not only will this save you money, but it will also look good for a long time to come.

Forget the Lawn

If you want to avoid the hassle and expense of sprinklers, get rid of your lawn altogether. Instead of working to keep your grass green, fill the space with rocks and other plants.

Common heat-resistant flower options include bishop’s weed, dahlias, lilies of the valley and cosmos. These flowers are easy to take care of, last a long time and brighten up the landscape.

Embrace the Desert Feel

Another great garden design here in Utah fully takes advantage of the climate. It’s no secret that it’s dry here. As a result, plants that require a lot of water are not only hard to maintain, but costly to keep as well.

Instead, a better option is to design your garden around native plants and features. Add succulents, pebbles, boulders and small trees.

This will help give you a quality garden that blends with the mountain landscape and looks good too.

Designing a garden with these factors in mind will help it last not only when the hot summer months roll around, but also when snow falls.

Keep the Plant Life Simple

A common misconception with landscaping is that bigger is always better. That’s not the case, especially when you are unable or unwilling to maintain it.

A good-looking garden design is one that continues to look stunning over time. Utah gardens need a lot of care and attention, especially with watering.

Sometimes the best design is one that is simple. Keep native trees in place and find plants that can withstand drought. All of these will help you achieve a beautiful garden design that doesn’t wilt with time.

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