The Relationship Between Water Features and the Environment

The Relationship Between Water Features and the Environment

Did you know that some landscaping choices, such as water features, can benefit the environment?

Investing in your yard and landscaping can bring many benefits to your life. You’ll boost your home’s curb appeal, make your yard more pleasant for entertaining, and increase your property’s value.

Today, we’re sharing what we know about water features and their numerous advantages.


What is a Water Feature?

 A water feature is any landscaping that integrates water flow. Water features can include ponds, fountains, streams, and pools. These additions to landscaping have been indicators of luxury and wealth throughout ancient history, and they’re still as popular today. You can go for small features that only take up a couple feet of space, up to huge features worthy of a celebrity estate.


How Water Features Can Help the Environment

 Deforestation is a problem across the globe, but most homeowners don’t think about what they can do to reverse the process in their own backyards. This problem is about more than just the loss of trees—it also depletes water sources, destroying even more ecosystems. Using water in your landscaping can create a new ecosystem to support all types of wildlife.

Insects: Butterflies and bees are vital for the environment, but they’re under serious threat of extinction. Fortunately, you can provide a safe ecosystem and attract them with various plant and floral life, but even better is a water feature. Along with butterflies and bees, water provides a safe haven for other insect larvae.

Amphibians: Even if you’re not the biggest fan of some creepy-crawlies in your yard, they can provide serious environmental benefits. Frogs, newts, salamanders, turtles, and fish can live peaceably in your yard while building a healthy ecosystem.

Bacteria: Generally, bacteria is seen as a negative threat to our existence, but beneficial bacteria help strengthen our ecosystems and provides healthy environments for other living creatures; water features can provide that for your yard and the surrounding area.

Wildlife: Squirrels, birds, deer, and more will be attracted to your yard when they know there’s a safe and sustainable water source. Wildlife in your yard is pleasant and perfect for observation.

Self-sustaining Water: Some features might be a waste of water if they hook up to your plumbing and fail to reuse water. Nowadays, most water features are self-sustaining; this means they run on a sump, or underground reserve that uses an energy-efficient pump and gravity for cycling through water.

Your soothing fountain isn’t just good for appearances and a zen backyard experience—it can sustain and protect our ecosystem in your own little corner of the globe. Self-sustaining water, solar power, and curated plant life can make your property a wildlife paradise.


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