How Does Landscaping Improve My Home’s Value?

How Does Landscaping Improve My Home’s Value?

Landscaping can add thousands of dollars to your home’s value. It’s one of the only home improvements that increase in value over the years. 

Interior décor and design concepts go out of style quicker than you can finish implementing them, and mechanical systems face wear and tear. However, well-maintained plants grow fuller and lush. Keep reading to learn about the advantages of a landscaped lawn. 

Benefits of Landscaping

Landscaped houses boast a significant price advantage over those without yard maintenance. However, there’s more to this practice than sticking some flowers and shrubs in the ground. The primary aspect that prospective buyers are looking for is a manicured design, followed by plant size and maturity. 

The biggest mistake some homeowners make is not having a coherent plan. Stay tuned to learn how to master lawn care.

Number One: Trim and Edge Your Grass

If you own an edger and mower, you can maintain your grass on your own. Although this advice sounds counterintuitive, don’t cut your grass too short or often; otherwise, you’ll risk drying it out, and more sunlight will reach your weeds, causing them to grow. We recommend never trimming more than one-third of the blade length. Remember to leave clippings on your lawn to return nutrients and nitrogen to your grass. 

Number Two: Spoil Your Soil

Treat your soil to mulch, which helps retain moisture, reduces weeds, and makes your landscape look fresh. Red mulch is the most popular type because it’s widely available, but we recommend investing in darker tones, such as brown or black. These colors are neutral, meaning they’ll match any home’s color scheme. Go with black mulch if you live in a cold area because it retains sunlight and heat. 

Number Three: Turn Your Backyard into an Oasis

Although most sellers focus on maximizing their front yard’s beauty, you shouldn’t neglect your backyard.

Maintain your patio: Power-wash your patio and seating to remove dirt and cobwebs. 

Add a water feature: We recommend adding a fountain to create white noise, which can mask outdoor sounds. 

Add a pool: In some states, pools are an expected amenity. However, they’re an expensive renovation, so talk to your realtor to calculate your investment return. 

LaytonScape Can Help

Enhancing your home’s landscaping doesn’t have to be expensive. LaytonScape specializes in landscape installation, garden design, retaining walls, putting greens, water features, mulch preparation and planning, and more. 

Whether you want to sell your home right now or in the future, our experts can boost its curb appeal and value. 

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