4 Tips to Make Your Corporate Landscaping Eco-Friendly

4 Tips to Make Your Corporate Landscaping Eco-Friendly

From your corporate landscaping to your company memos, in today’s age everything is expected to be more ecologically responsible.

Increased technological advances have led to greater transparency among consumers. As a result, consumers not only want businesses to “go green” they expect it.

Improving your corporate landscaping to reflect this ideology will help garner more respect and support from your customers. In addition it will also save you money in electricity and utility costs.


Here are four tips that will give you responsible landscaping designs that look good as well.

1.Mimic the Environment

A good way to protect the environment is to create a landscape that acts like the environment.

While a tropical rainforest-inspired design would garner lots of attention, it won’t help the environment in a dry state like Utah. In order to help plants succeed outside of their natural habitat it often takes strong fertilizers, excessive water and intense pesticides.

These factors join together to create a taxing landscape that negatively effects the environment around it. The better option is to look for plants and trees that are native to your area. This will help promote healthy growth in the area and looks more congruent as well.

2.Reuse and Recycle

A key component of green living is avoiding wastage. Waste can come in a lot of different forms. It could be wasted water, energy, materials, etc.

When creating your green corporate landscaping, you’ll want to avoid systems that carelessly use or abuse the earth’s natural elements.

Bricks, stones, glass, concrete and more are all materials that can be reused and recycled. If you’re looking to have any of them in your new design getting recycled pieces is a much better alternative to buying them new.

3.Water Smart

Water is an incredibly precious resource in Utah, so use it with extreme care. A sustainable and eco-friendly corporate landscape should avoid being dependent on gallons of water.

We know that it’s impossible to avoid using water altogether. That’s why we recommend a smart water sprinkler system to help you to conserve water effectively.

4.Choose to Hardscape Your Corporate Landscaping

Another alternative to help conserve water is to incorporate a hardscape theme. This means using more rocks and stones as eye-catching pieces than plants.

This is just as aesthetically pleasing as foliage, with a lot smaller environmental cost.

Here at LaytonScape we transform bare lots into landscaping works of art. However, we know once we’re done with our work that’s not the only price you have to pay. Sprinklers, outdoor lights and more all come with their own costs.

That’s why we help businesses create corporate landscaping that cuts some of these extra costs and is more sustainable. Call to schedule a free consultation about your landscaping today!