When Should a Sprinkler System be Installed?

When Should a Sprinkler System be Installed?

Many homeowners know the struggle of keeping their lawn green in the hot summer months, and a new sprinkler system may be in need. 

It can keep your grass green from the early spring up until the snow flies. 

Installing an underground sprinkler system can help conserve water while also saving money on irrigation, especially in Utah’s dry summer climate. But not every home and landscape will need a sprinkler system. Follow our guide to determine if your landscape would benefit from an underground sprinkler system, and if so, when it should be installed.

Do I Need a Sprinkler System?

There are several factors that will help you determine whether or not your yard and landscape could benefit from a sprinkler system. These include:

  • What kind of landscaping you have (xeriscaping, grass, hardscaping, etc.)
  • What type of grass you have and how much water it needs
  • What kind of soil you have and how well it absorbs water
  • How large your yard is

If your yard contains even a small amount of grass, it would benefit from a sprinkler system. This guide from Utah State University can help you determine how often you need to water your grass from spring to fall. In July, each area of your lawn should be watered every two days. It’s hard to keep up on that by manually dragging a hose and sprinkler around! 

When Should the Sprinkler System be Installed?

So you’ve decided your yard is a good candidate for a sprinkler system. When is the best time to install it?

Sprinkler systems can be installed any time the ground is soft enough to dig and the temperatures are mild. The ideal time is late fall or early spring, when the weather is cool and the ground isn’t frozen. Extreme temperatures can put a lot of stress on sprinkler systems, so it’s important to avoid installation in the cold of winter and heat of summer. 

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