What is Theme-Centered Landscaping?

What is Theme-Centered Landscaping?

To meet your landscaping dreams, you might consider theme-centered landscaping. Landscaping is about shaping your property to show off your style.

The basics include yards, flower beds, trees, shrubbery, and edges. Your landscaping should help you represent your home to others. From curb appeal to backyard barbecues, you can tell others who you are with your landscaping theme. 


Theme-Centered Landscaping Basics 

This type of landscaping is when you build your entire yard and garden around a theme. It includes the plants you choose, where you plant them, and how the landscape can be experienced. A skilled landscaper or a driven amateur gardener can choose a theme, be it Asian garden, butterfly attracting, or even inspired by a favorite book or location, and create an amazing landscape based on that theme. 


Popular Themed Landscapes

The best way to create a themed garden or yard is to pick something that you love and choose your plants, coloring, and layout to maximize your own enjoyment. Here are a few ideas to get you started: 

  • Asian Gardening: A Japanese or Chinese garden is a popular option that can create a beautiful and relaxing atmosphere. 
  • Butterfly Garden: By planting specific flowers and plants, and depending on your geographic location, you can attract butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds to your garden. This is particularly enticing for those with small children or individuals who love to observe wildlife. 
  • Rock Gardens: For those in dry and arid climates, or for people who want to minimize their yard work, rock gardens can create a unique look and conserve water. 
  • Wildflower Garden: Lush and natural-looking wildflower gardens create a whimsical, magical feel in any yard. Wildflower themes tend to be less maintenance and look more unplanned. 
  • Color-Themed Gardens: If yellow is your favorite color, you can plant flowers, shrubs, and even trees that provide gorgeous yellow blooms throughout the seasons. Multiple colors, or a set of complementary colors, can create a unique and curated landscape. 
  • Memorial Gardens: Memorial gardens honor a person or event, but they’re not just for public spaces. You can create your own private memorial garden for someone or something special to you. You might begin with a secluded spot and place a bench, sculpture, or water feature. Then surround it with meaningful plants and pavers. 
  • Literary Garden: Do you love Shakespeare or classic British novels featuring private gardens and walking paths? You can construct your own themed landscape to help you live in your favorite scene. An “Alice in Wonderland” garden might feature red and white roses, with carefully manicured hedges. 


Your Landscape, Better

LaytonScape believes in creating spaces that express your personality and provide the perfect retreat using theme-centered landscaping. Yards, gardens, hedges, retaining walls, tiered landscaping, and any theme you can imagine are well within our expertise. We can’t wait to help you create something magnificent for your property.

We service Davis, Weber, Morgan, and Summit counties.  Contact us today to begin creating your dream landscape.