What is Landscape Demolition?

What is Landscape Demolition?

Although not all jobs require a complete demolition prior to landscape installation, there is always some level of landscape demolition.

Landscape demolition is the first part of every job. 

It is crucial to start with a blank canvas before you can begin building a beautifully designed landscape. Demolition involves removing and disposing of the existing landscaping and/or hardscaping, proper grading, and cleanup.

Site Clearing and Building Removal

Clearing the site is the first step of landscape demolition. Sometimes, this involves removing buildings or old sheds. Building removal can be time-consuming, but a beautiful landscape is worth it in the end. 

Site clearing often includes breaking up old paths, removing rocks from hardscaping, and demolishing any large items that will impede the new landscape.

Tree and Stump Removal

Trees and stumps are not easy to remove, so they’re often left in the ground for longer than they should be. Removing unwanted trees and stumps is absolutely essential to demolition.

While you can attempt to remove trees and stumps on your own, it’s highly recommended that you bring in an expert. Professional landscapers have the proper tools and skills required to remove stumps faster and more efficiently, which is well worth the expense. 

Brush Removal

Brush removal is the clearing of brush, vegetation, and other obstacles from the land prior to landscaping. Some landscape jobs have unwanted shrubs and bushes that need to be removed. Others might be completely undeveloped and require removing overgrown sagebrush and other vegetation.

Removing brush can range from simple and straightforward to extensive and time-consuming. The clear land and blank slate that result from removing brush as well as tree stumps, buildings, and any other unwanted landscaping are nearly ready to have fresh new landscaping installed. 

Land Leveling and Proper Grading 

The final step in landscape demolition is leveling and grading the land. Grading typically involves bringing dirt from high spots to fill in lower spots in the land. Sometimes dirt needs to be brought in to properly grade the surface. 

Proper grading slopes the landscape gently away from the home. Depending on your individual situation it may be graded flat or on more of a slope. A landscape professional can help determine how to properly grade your lawn or landscape project.

LaytonScape Can Help

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