What is a Water Storage Tank?

What is a Water Storage Tank?

A water storage tank can help harvest the snow and rain during the wet months and hold it for use during the dry summer heat.

Utah’s weather can be fickle at best, leaving your landscape soggy during the spring and fall months and ultra-dry throughout the summer months.

How Does a Water Storage Tank Work?

A water storage tank does exactly what the name implies: it stores water. Moisture comes in the form of snow, rain, and hail throughout the year, and with the right methods, it can be harvested into a water tank. Some common methods of rainwater harvesting include:

  • Gravity – The simplest way to collect rainfall for later use is by connecting a hose to your downspout and directing it into a tank using gravity. For this to work, the tank needs to be lower than the downspout. Landscapers can install underground water storage tanks to make this method of collection possible.
  • Pumps – If you’re not interested in an underground tank, you still have options for gathering rainwater into a tank using a water pump. The method is similar to the hose and gravity method above, except a pump is used to move the water from the downspout and into the tank.

Why Use a Water Storage Tank?

Water storage tanks have many benefits for gardening and landscaping, one of the biggest being cost. The water that comes from a storage tank is free to use, unlike the expense of using city water to water your plants.

Additionally, those who use tanks to store water for landscaping have the benefit of not relying on city water, and are not subject to water limitations during droughts and times of high water usage. The water collected in tanks can be used however you choose to use it, and at any time you want.

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