What is a Local Tree Farm?

What is a Local Tree Farm?

There’s nothing better than a healthy evergreen to spruce up your landscape, and you can’t get a nicer tree anywhere than at your local tree farm. If you’ve never heard about them, you’re missing out on some of the most natural and charming trees on the market, primarily because of the way that they’re grown and cared for in comparison to larger farms; local tree nurseries tend to put more care into their product. Here is what you can expect from local tree farms in terms of the types of trees they offer and what they do to care for them.

What a Tree Farm Does

Tree farms, or nurseries, are planted and propagated trees such as evergreens. A good tree farm will make sure that they follow specific protocols to grow only the highest-quality trees. These steps include making sure that they’re planted at the proper depth, adequately watered, fertilized, properly stakes, and meticulously pruned. 

Once the trees are ready to be sold, a farm will most likely use a tree spade to dig up the tree and prepare it for packaging and shipping to its destination. They’re usually grown to a certain age before being sold, and this is where you’re going to find the healthiest additions for your landscape. 

The Different Types of Tree Farms

You’ll typically find three different types of nurseries:

Retail nurseries: These farms sell to the general public.

Wholesale nurseries: Only sell to businesses like other nurseries and commercial gardeners.

Private nurseries: Private nurseries will sell to institutions or private estates. 

Depending on the farm that you visit, some places may offer professional tree planting services if you don’t feel like planting them on your own or can’t due to the size of the tree. 

Trees You Can Find at a Tree Farm

Different farms will sell different trees depending on where they’re located. Nowadays, you can order trees from nurseries across the country if a specific one isn’t available in your state. Some of the most popular trees you may come across, though, include: 

  • Large Caliper Evergreen
  • Bacheri Dwarf Blue Spruce
  • Norway Spruce
  • Concolor Fir
  • Black Hills Spruce
  • Colorado Green Spruce and Colorado Blue Spruce
  • Austrian Pine

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