What are the Best Utah Native Plants?

What are the Best Utah Native Plants?

If you’re planting a gorgeous garden this spring, you may be wondering, what are the best Utah native plants?

From Red Baneberry to White Yarrow, keep reading to find out what native plants will help your garden thrive. 

Why Native Plants?

Local plants are better adapted to the Utah climate and will have an easier time surviving and thriving. Native plants also provide food, seeds, and pollen for native animal species. Here are some additional benefits of cultivating natural plants in your garden:

  • They require fewer pesticides and fertilizers than normal lawns. 
  • They help reduce air pollution.
  • They require less water than lawns and reduce erosion. 

Utah Native Flowers

Flowers make any garden colorful and glamorous. These Utah native flowers will make a great addition to any yard:

  • Fragrant Sand Verbena – This white flower has a sweet fragrance and a snowball-like appearance. They grow 1-3 feet tall and grow best in part shade and well-drained soil. 
  • White Yarrow – This is a white perennial wildflower that blooms from early to late summer. This flower grows 24-36 inches tall and thrives in the full sun and well-draining soil. 
  • Lady’s Leek – This pink flowering bulb blooms from late spring to early summer in well-draining soil and full sun. 
  • Red Baneberry – This herbaceous perennial blooms in the late spring and early summer and produces small red berries. The Red Baneberry does best in moist soil in part shade. 

Utah Native Plants

If flowers aren’t your thing, here are some of the best Utah native plants to fill your flowerbeds with: 

  • Maidenhair Fern – This semi-evergreen perennial fern grows 18-30 inches tall and thrives in moist, well-draining soil in partial to full shade, and was given the Award of Garden Merit by the Royal Horticulture Society for its outstanding qualities. 
  • Utah Agave – One of the most tolerant agaves, the Utah Agave is an evergreen perennial succulent that grows 8-24 inches tall and thrives in rocky, well-drained soil in partial to full sun. This plant blooms in late winter and was also given the prestigious Award of Garden Merit. 
  • Big Bluestem – This is a warm-season perennial grass that grows in a tight group 4-6 feet tall. This grass thrives in full sun in average moisture well-draining soil, and starts out green but matures to a coppery color. 

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