What Are Some Perennial Garden Design Ideas?

What Are Some Perennial Garden Design Ideas?

Cultivating a luscious perennial flower garden begins with a comprehensive yet beautiful design. When you’re designing your garden, you’ll need to take bloom times, plant heights, shapes, colors, textures, and other special features into consideration. 

Keep on reading if you want to learn more about these radiant flowers.

Types of Perennials

Perennials are plants that sprout each year. Some are evergreen and maintain their foliage through the winter, whereas others go dormant and blossom in the spring. Typically, they only bloom for one season each year, although there are some ever-blooming varieties. 

The four main types of perennials are: 

  • Short-lived types, which can last three years
  • Long-lived types, which can last five years
  • Herbaceous types, which have soft green stems and go dormant in the winter
  • Woody types, which lose leaves in the fall or winter, but their root systems remain alive

Are you ready to add color to your garden? Explore four perfect perennial garden themes. 

1. Year-Round Vibrant Garden

If you’re looking for a low-maintenance garden that’s inviting, combine spring, summer, and fall bloomers. Your garden will effortlessly transition from season to season when you choose a variety of perennials that bloom in different seasons. 

2. Shade Garden

Some gardeners who have a shady garden mistakenly believe they need to sacrifice color. However, there are several shade-loving, colorful plants to choose from, such as heucheras, hostas, hydrangeas, and ferns. Plant these perennials in spots where they’ll benefit from partial and full shade. 

3. Butterfly Garden

Boost your happiness with a garden that comes back each year and attracts butterflies. Welcome these gentle creatures by planting their favorite perennials, such as achillea and aster. Select a spot that gets plenty of sunlight. Shelter the butterflies from the elements by opting for tall plants and shrubs.

4. Deer-Resistant Garden

Although deer are shy and docile, they can overstay their welcome in your garden. These creatures might munch on your beautiful plants, so you should choose less appealing ones. Deer are less likely to be attracted to bleeding heart perennials, and they’ll add a pop of color to your garden.


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