What are Some Landscaping Ideas for Utah?

What are Some Landscaping Ideas for Utah?

Spring has sprung, so you’re probably exploring your yard and thinking about ways to make it inviting. As a resident of Utah, you know how hot it becomes once the snow stops falling, and it’s time to invite friends over for gatherings. Decorating your yard can seem intimidating because there are so many landscaping options, but once you break it down into a few ideas, it becomes easier. 

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Make Your Yard Flourish with Landscaping

Although you spend most of your time indoors, you’ll probably want to go outside this spring and summer to enjoy Utah’s beautiful sights and weather. Imagine sunbathing on your green grass to the sound of birds chirping. Talk about paradise! A beautifully manicured lawn can make a world of difference for your family. 

Incorporate the following three landscaping ideas to turn your yard into a retreat.

Number One: Create a Campfire at Home

Late nights around the bonfire are what spring and summer memories are made of. Fortunately, you can create this experience in your backyard with a fire pit that boasts natural rock seating. You can choose a permanent fire pit that matches your yard’s color and style. 

If you’re not ready to commit to a permanent pit, you can opt for a portable one. Your kids will love toasting s’mores and hot dogs during family night!

Number Two: Enjoy a Relaxing Water Garden

The sounds of water features are not only soothing to the senses, but they can also block out distracting noises. You can’t go wrong with a pond-less waterfall, bubbling fountain, or a rock column fountain. Here are a few popular water features to consider:

  • Water Lilies
  • Koi fish
  • Reflecting pools
  • Ornamental poos
  • Streams

Number Three: Add an Island Bed

An island bed is a freestanding garden that you can view from all angles. It can create the illusion of extra space, and it adds color, texture, and height to your garden. Best of all, your island bed can take on any shape so that you can have a round, square, rectangular, or crescent-shaped one. Moreover, it’s easy to maintain because you can water your plants from all sides.


LaytonScape Can Turn Your Yard into an Oasis

Transform your yard into a tranquil escape that’s perfect for the warm months. LaytonScape specializes in hardscape design and installation, and we pride ourselves on being dependable and flexible. Whether you want to add outdoor lighting and putting greens to your yard, or you want a simple flower bed, we do it all. Schedule your free consultation today.