Themes for Spring Landscaping Preparation, Part 2

Themes for Spring Landscaping Preparation, Part 2

In part one of this two-part blog, we went over some of the basic early steps on getting your landscape up and running during the spring months. This is a perfect period of time to bring your property out of winter and prepare it for the summer ahead, whether you’re installing new landscaping elements or maintaining those from previous years, and the pros at LaytonScape are here to help.

Once you’ve done your initial planning and early planting for the year, the time comes to move to certain additional areas that provide the finishing touches for your landscape. Here are some other areas to consider, from decorative features to moisture considerations and maintaining the entire landscape throughout the year.

themes spring landscaping preparation

Step #5: Decorative Features

If you’re looking to add some texture and depth to your landscape, one great theme here is a few different decorative features. One excellent example is a pergola, an archway or frame that’s generally made from a simple material like wood, then can be covered and layered with everything from leaves and flowers to winding vines.

If you install a pergola, you’ll see several advantages. For one, these look great and can help tie together areas of the landscape, creating a more inviting area. For another, pergolas are extremely easy to install and maintain, requiring little to no regular attention. Finally, they’re perfect for adding a huge variety of additional design elements, from natural ones to lights or anything you can think of.

Step #6: Outdoor Lighting

Speaking of lights, now is a good time in the process to consider your outdoor lighting features. These are valuable for multiple reasons, including both home security and general aesthetics.

For starters, outdoor lights illuminate major areas, including pathways, driveways and yard spaces. This is beneficial not only for guests or residents, but also for illuminating would-be intruders at night. In addition, the proper lights will add brightness and emphasis to your top landscaping areas, bringing additional style.

Step #7: Moisture Considerations

Utah is a naturally dry place during summer, and some landscape owners worry about watering concerns. If you’re among them, you have a few options at your disposal:

  • Add crushed stone to gap areas in your landscaping – this stone requires no water or additional care.
  • Install low-moisture plants, which our experts are happy to identify for you.
  • Use mulch to cover your soil each spring, limiting weeds that will steal water away from the plants that need them.

Step #8: Maintaining Design and Landscape

Finally, consider any processes or treatments that need to continue through the rest of the summer to maintain your landscape. Work with our experienced professionals to understand the major crux points and when various areas will require your attention.

For more on getting your landscape back up and running during spring, or to learn about any of our professional landscaping or yard care services, speak to the staff at LaytonScape today.