The Different Types of Water Features

The Different Types of Water Features

When you hear the words “water feature,” what comes to mind? Perhaps you envision a large ornate reflecting pool, or maybe you’re more of a small fountain person. A water feature is any indoor or outdoor décor that combines water with taste and craftsmanship.

Should you take the plunge and add a water feature to your yard? Discover their benefits below.

Water Features Add a Splash of Fun to Your Home

Many years ago, most homeowners believed that water features were reserved for mansions. Nowadays, homeowners can choose from several water features at different price ranges. These elegant features are relaxing, boost your home’s curb appeal, and attract beautiful wildlife.

Stay tuned to learn about the different types of water features.

Reflecting Pools

Reflecting pools are typically found in gardens as a central feature. They generally come in varying geometric shapes with walking surfaces that overhang their edges. If you want to enhance your pool’s beauty, you can set this feature next to a decorative landscape feature, such as pine trees, to reflect on the pond’s glassy surface.

Ornamental Pools

Ornamental pools typically go near a deck or patio. These pools have been popular in Japan for centuries, and they’re becoming more common in the U.S. They’re enhanced by aquatic plants and fish that inhabit them.

Water Gardens

Water gardens are interactive water features complete with aquatic plant life full of vibrant colors and textures. Plants inside and outside the perimeter of the pond can create a relaxing, natural setting.


Fountains are one of the most versatile water features because they come in various shapes and sizes. Nothing compares to the sound of splashing water combined with the refreshing mist that a fountain provides.


Much like fountains, waterfalls can add motion and sound to your yard. They can provide your yard with a vertical dimension since they’re created with natural stone slabs or boulders. Seeing water dance and flow will set your mind at ease.

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