The 3 Most Appealing Water Features For Businesses

The 3 Most Appealing Water Features For Businesses

Despite Utah’s desert climate, water features are an easy and stunning addition to any business landscape.

In the majority of cultures, water represents life and renewal. Adding water features for business will elicit feelings of peace and serenity for your customers. Plus, they’re aesthetically pleasing!

Unfortunately, some people believe that living in a dry desert state such as Utah disqualifies them from adding this feature to their business.

However, with the right team, these structures can not only be cost-effective, but easy to maintain as well.

These three popular water features that do just that.

The 3 Most Appealing Water Features for Businesses

1. Rock Waterfall

If you ever wonder about the popularity of waterfalls, just take a quick look at the visitor statistics of Iguazu and Yosemite Falls. Year after year, these tourist attractions are explored by hundreds of thousands of visitors.

Adding a waterfall for your business might not have the same effect, but it will help visitors remember your space and better enjoy their time there.

In order to save money on water and maintenance costs, we recommend avoiding large, still bodies of water that sit out in the sun. One way to do this is to have your waterfall into rocks.

This will limit the amount of time the water is at risk for evaporating or freezing. Plus, with black river rocks at the bottom, your feature will look classy and sophisticated.

2. Fountains

This next option is incredibly customizable for your business and branding. With waterfalls, the focus tends to stay on the water.

However, with fountains, visitors will look at the structure more. Do you have a mascot for your brand? You can incorporate it into the stem of the fountain. Or if you want your business to feel classy and timeless, add a few ornate details.

Whatever you want, fountains can help you achieve it.

3. Floating Islands and Strips

The last feature is one of the most modern ones. Floating islands and reflective strips are characterized by shallow, rectangular pools. They can be placed either inside or outside.

Often these pools follow the outline of a feature like a tree or plant. It’s also popular to put steps in these pools as well. This gives the impression that the steps or the person walking on them is on top of the water.

Add Designer Water Features Today

One of the best parts of water features is that they can be used during snow-filled winters and hot summers. It’s a great option for a business that doesn’t want to have to change their landscaping with every season.

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