Multiple Benefits of Landscaping Water Features

Multiple Benefits of Landscaping Water Features

For those with the means and desire, various water features as part of home landscaping can be a wonderful addition to your property. Whether you want a small fountain, a large pond or anything in between, there are several possible benefits to this kind of installation.

At LaytonScape, our water feature services are second to none. We design unique water feature systems to directly fit your needs, plus help with structuring and installation so your hassle is as low as possible. Let’s go over some of the primary benefits we can help bring you through a new water feature as part of your landscaping.

benefits landscaping water features

Aesthetic Factors

Perhaps the single greatest benefit of a water feature on your property is the aesthetic value it provides. Water features are almost universally considered beautiful and calming, and we supplement ours with gorgeous layers of natural stone, rivulets and various plant life.
Not only does this add to the view you get every day, it also adds to what guests and passers-by experience when they look at your property. For those who prioritize a great-looking home, few outdoor elements do more than water features.

Property Value

Down related lines, water features can have a big impact on the value of your home if you’re even remotely considering selling anytime in the future. Numerous landscaping features play a big role in what real estate pros call “curb appeal” – this is the first impression the exterior parts of your home offers to potential buyers when they visit, and it is known to have an outsized effect on home ROI (return on investment).

What this means is that dollars you put into installing a new water feature will often be returned to you in double or even greater when it comes time to sell. Waterfalls are particularly attractive to modern home shoppers, and may help you significantly raise your asking price – by far more than what you spent on the features, at that.

Soothing Sounds

The human brain is wired to interpret the sound of flowing water as calming and non-threatening, and water features add this effect to your entire landscape. For those looking to improve their relaxation and perhaps even limit outside noise like traffic, water features are a great choice.

Local Wildlife

While you’re bringing added value to your home and also helping you and your family relax, why not also benefit the local environment? Water features that are well-built will attract butterflies, birds and various other wildlife that will visit to get a drink – not only are these a joy to watch when they’re around, they contribute to a positive ecosystem.

Simple Maintenance

Best of all, water features come with virtually no required maintenance. They reduce the lawn area on your property, a practice that’s known to lower your overall task list. Most water features stay very clean and don’t pick up much debris, which means you just need to check them now and then to ensure water is flowing properly – and that’s about it.

For more on why water features can be so beneficial on your property, or to learn about any of our landscape design services, speak to the pros at LaytonScape today.