Keeping Landscaping Active During Winter

Keeping Landscaping Active During Winter

For some Layton and Utah homeowners new to the landscaping world, the winter may seem like a dead period. Most traditional forms of gardening and other landscaping areas go dormant and are often covered by snow during the winter, and some naturally think this means the winter is a full break from landscaping.

At LaytonScape, we’re here to tell you that this isn’t the case for our landscaping contractors. Whether it’s upgrading your outdoor lighting, preparing the space for a new design come spring or simply creating a unique, beautiful winter landscape, we’re on hand 12 months of the year. With that theme in mind, here are a few of the landscaping elements that tend to do very well during winter.

landscaping during winter


Hardscape features are great because of the way they provide both function and aesthetic value to your landscape. They’re also perfect for the winter due to their durability and retaining their function even during the colder months.

Consider items like a rock garden, for instance, which can become a frog pond during the summer but go without the water during the winter. That’s not the only great hardscape item that goes well during the winter – a fountain will give way to great ice sculptures in the right situation.

Perennial Grass

The term “perennial” refers to any plant that lives more than two years, and perennial grass – tall grass in particular – is perfect for the wintertime. It’s great for foliage and keeping the yard looking fresh and green. Many homeowners choose to blend this with clump-forming grasses, which will mix well and don’t invade other plant life.

And in the spring, you can easily cut these grasses back for the summer. When doing this, however, be sure to leave at least a third of each plant, as trimming too heavily on these can kill the grass.

Evergreen Plants

Evergreen plants, on the other hand, are those that have leaves and stay green throughout the year, even during winter. There are many options here, including several tree formats like spruce, birch and others that will retain many shades of green and yellow leaves even when others lose theirs. In addition, consider holly bushes or American cranberry bushes, which are perfect for lining winter pathways or walkways.

Outdoor Lighting

And to really help all of the above stand out and make an impression, top things off by upgrading your outdoor lighting solutions. Professional lights outdoors are not only fantastic for curb appeal and aesthetic value, they also deter burglars from attempting to enter your home at night. They’re also perfect when combined with some light winter snowfall, which there’s been plenty of this year in Utah.

For more on how you can keep your landscape design going year-round, or to learn about any of our landscape design services, speak to the pros at LaytonScape today.