Is A Backyard Putting Green Worth It?

Is A Backyard Putting Green Worth It?

A backyard putting green might be perfect for your house if you enjoy playing golf. It all depends on what type of grass you want to use, what terrain you have, and what your turf is like.

This blog should help you decide! If you’re not sure whether to go for a backyard putting green, keep reading.

The Cost and Maintenance of Grass

If you have plenty of fresh grass in your backyard, you can use it. However, you’ll need to maintain it. Unlike other areas of your yard that you can let grow, putting grass needs to be short. It should mimic what you see at the golf course. 

Another option is to opt for artificial grass. You don’t need to trim or fertilize it. While this will cost you more upfront, it will save you lots of time in the long run since there’s hardly any maintenance. 

It’s a matter of choosing between upfront cost vs. long-term maintenance. Which is more valuable to you?

Your Backyard Terrain

Is your backyard flat or hilly? It all depends on your skill level and playing interests. It will be easy to play golf on flat terrain, but it can also be a fun challenge to play where there are hills. This can be an important determining factor for installing green in your backyard. 

Your Choice of Turf

You have two types of turf to choose from: nylon or polypropylene. 

Nylon turf works well for putting greens because it’s versatile. You can tuft it to have a high face weight, which eliminates the need for infill material. The fibers are heated to create “memory,” which provides a faster, smoother surface. 

Polypropylene turf is almost the opposite. It doesn’t have memory in its fibers, so the turf usually lies down in one direction. Because of this, you’ll need to brush sand into the turf so that it stands properly on its own. 

Ultimately, polypropylene turf isn’t as good as nylon turf, so your golf ball might have issues making it through the turf. This might work fine if the putting green is for fun or aesthetic purposes. But if you’ll be practicing on it, nylon is a better option. However, it is more expensive. 


Do you want to install a backyard putting green? LaytonScape is a Utah landscaping company that specializes in putting greens. We offer natural grass or artificial turf with our installations, so you can choose what will work best for you. 

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