How Water Storage Tanks Help with Rainwater Harvesting

How Water Storage Tanks Help with Rainwater Harvesting

Water storage tanks can be very beneficial when it comes to harvesting rainwater. Keep reading for more information. 

What Are Water Storage Tanks?

Water storage tanks for capturing rainwater are attached to the end spouts of your gutters. This way, rain that falls onto your roof will run through your gutter system and down into the tanks. These storage tanks can range in size and capability; some of the most basic tanks are simply barrels, whereas others contain filters and have higher-tech capabilities. 

Using captured rainwater is a great way to save money and be more eco-friendly. You won’t have to use as much power to use the rainwater as you would supply water, and you are making the supply water you would have used available to others who may need it. 

Water Storage Tanks and Drought

The area along Utah’s Wasatch Front is currently in a category D4 drought. Because of the severity of this drought, many areas in the state are now limiting the amount of water available for landscaping use. If you are an avid gardener or landscaper, collected rainwater could be just the resource to help keep your lawn green and your garden lively this fall. 

Rainwater Collection in Utah

While regulations regarding water storage tanks vary from state to state, Utah state law allows the collection and storage of up to 2500 gallons of rainwater for agricultural and landscaping purposes. Additionally, with the 2021 Rain Barrel Initiative as part of the Salt Lake City Public Utilities Water Conservation Program, rainwater collection is encouraged, and rain barrels are offered at cost through the city. 

Keep in Mind

Although harvested rainwater is a valuable resource, you must be wary of how you use it. Because rainwater can contain bacteria, parasites, and dirt, it should only be used for landscaping purposes unless adequately sanitized. 

Let LaytonScape Help

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