How Long Does the Landscape Demolition Process Take?

How Long Does the Landscape Demolition Process Take?

Landscape demolition is an important part of every landscaping project. The amount of time required to prepare the land is an important one. When performed correctly, demolition creates the perfect empty slate to be filled with your vision of natural beauty.

What Is Included In the Landscape Demolition Process?

From this guide published by Black and Decker, demolition can include cleaning up and getting rid of any aspect of your current landscape to make room for new installations. This includes old wood or metal fencing, laid brick, irregular grades of soil, rocks, trees, stumps, and much more.

What Timeline Can You Expect?

The amount of time required to clear and grade your yard or land depends greatly on how much work you would like done. For a good example of the work required to clean up a large backyard, check out this YouTube video from Ben Tardif; while it looks like much of his yard had already been cleared, he took additional details like soil composition into account.

Demolition is only part of a total landscaping project, and accordingly takes a fraction of the time.

Working With a Professional Team

The fastest way to perform demolition on wild or previously worked landscaping is to work with professionals. We have many different tools at our disposal to remove even the largest stones, foliage, trees, and uneven terrain, including backhoes, bulldozers, and utility vehicles.

If the scope of your project is larger than a single day of work requires, we can spend several days preparing your land for the perfect results. You can even split your project into different areas depending on your budget and changing seasons if necessary. With LaytonScape, demolition can take as little as a day or over several years.

Performing DIY Demo

Landscape prep and demolition will take much longer when doing it yourself. Whether you have assistance or make your landscaping a long-term project, it also requires a good knowledge of working landscaping practices. Proper land grading, for example, will help water drain away from structures and stop pools and puddles from forming.

When performed poorly, it can be fairly expensive and time-consuming to fix. We love to see our clients take their landscaping to newer levels, but we recommend professional land preparation and demolition for quicker and higher-quality results.

Hire LaytonScape for Beautiful Landscaping in Northern Utah

If you live in Clearfield, Ogden, North Salt Lake City, and other surrounding communities, it’s a great time to take advantage of landscape demolition and preparation before everything freezes for the winter. Give us a call and we can get started on your next landscaping project right away.