How High Can You Build a Retaining Wall?

How High Can You Build a Retaining Wall?

A retaining wall can help with erosion control, turn a steep slope into a usable yard, create a focal point in your landscaping, and more. 

Despite the simplicity of their appearance, these walls can be much more complex in construction than you might think. Building a sturdy wall that looks good, holds the pressure of the landscaping behind it, and stays standing over time is no small feat. It takes careful planning and precise execution.

Deciding how high to build your wall is an important part of the planning process. So how high can you build a retaining wall? These factors that will help you determine just that. 

Location and Space Available

The location of your wall will be the largest factor in determining how high your wall should be. Most residential walls are around 4 feet high, while those in public and commercial spaces can be much larger. The largest retaining wall in Northern America, for example, reaches 60 feet in height.

Although retaining walls can reach massive heights, those projects are extremely costly and difficult and should only be attempted by professionals. If you have the space, multiple tiered retaining walls are often the best option. Shorter walls are easier and less expensive to build, and are putter under far less pressure than taller walls. A large, residential yard with a steep slope is a perfect candidate for having multiple tiers of short retaining walls. 

Building Material

There are many options when it comes to building materials for these walls. Concrete blocks, natural rocks, brick, and wood are all popular options. DIYers do best with concrete blocks that are made specifically for retaining walls. These blocks are made to be locked together easily, contributing to sturdier walls. 

As a general rule of thumb, the stronger your building material, the higher the construction can go. Thin, weak blocks won’t be able to stand up to as much pressure as other, denser materials. An experienced landscape professional will be able to help you determine the right material and size of retaining wall for your space.

LaytonScape is Here

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