How Deep Are Sprinkler Systems Supposed To Be?

How Deep Are Sprinkler Systems Supposed To Be?

Sprinkler systems are a fantastic way to keep your yard healthy without needing to haul around a hose multiple times a day. A sprinkler system is also a great way to improve the value of your home, even as the costs for high-quality systems become affordable for most homeowners.

Digging the trenches for the pipes, however, takes a lot of manual labor without heavy hardware. How deep are they are meant to be laid? And why are they laid so deep in the first place?

Industry Standards for Sprinkler System Installation

For a sprinkler system to last year after year, sprinkler pipes and hardware are buried between eight and twelve inches beneath the surface of the ground. The depth depends on the conditions of the soil and the thickness of the pipes used; measuring the depth begins from the top of the pipe to ground level. Depth requirements are also based on local city and county ordinances.

Why Is Sprinkler Irrigation Buried So Deep?

The primary reason for burying a sprinkler system so deep is to protect the water inside from freezing during the winter. Although modern sprinkler systems feature systems to drain water at the end of the season, even a small amount of remaining water can freeze and refreeze with changing temperatures until your pipes burst.

The other reason is so you don’t damage the sprinklers when you mow your lawn. 

Before You Dig, Know What’s Below

If you have previously performed any home landscaping projects or seen their commercials on TV, you know the catchy slogan of Call811: “Know what’s below. Call before you dig.” 811 is the national number for obtaining utility line locations in the United States. You can also visit to get specific information for your state.

The last thing you want to do while digging a trench for your sprinkler system is to hit an underground power line and cause your entire neighborhood to lose power. This happens with surprising regularity, and while the results might not be as visibly drastic as these examples (warning for headphone users), serious injury can happen if a shovel splits a line.

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