How Can I Improve My Yard Safety With Outdoor Lighting?

How Can I Improve My Yard Safety With Outdoor Lighting?

Outdoor lighting can enhance your home’s curb appeal and increase its safety at night. By installing the proper lights, you can highlight the areas of your yard that you’re most proud of and scare off burglars. To get the most out of your outdoor lighting, you must place it in the right spot and make sure its design is adequate.  

Stay tuned to find out how outdoor lights can keep your family safe. 

Lighting the Way is Essential

The increasing popularity of outdoor fireplaces has resulted in more nighttime entertainment, which can provide temporary outdoor lighting. Since you won’t always have a fire burning, you’ll need a permanent source of light to prevent falls. High-quality landscape fixtures come with a shield or reflector that prevents glare while casting light directly onto your pathways. Some of them are equipped with motion sensors to deter burglars. 

Continue reading to learn more about three popular types of outdoor lighting.

1. Front Entrance Lights

You should keep your home’s front entrance well-lit so that it can look more welcoming. Keeping your front porch lit up can make it seem like your family is home and awake, which can discourage intruders from trespassing. 

Using wall lanterns on both sides of your front door is sure to increase your home’s curb appeal and keep your little ones safe when they hang out on the porch. 

2. Patio Lights

When you install low-voltage mini-lights under your benches, railings, or stairs, you can turn your patio into a safe yet romantic area. Muted lights are perfect for date nights, and you can customize the color of your lightbulbs to make the atmosphere more special. 

Most people prefer low-lit areas. Dimmer lights are particularly beneficial to the elderly because they’re more sensitive to bright lights.  

You can install a spotlight inside one of your tree’s branches near the area you want to light up for a more exotic look.

3. Serving Area Lights

The spot where you keep your BBQ grill will benefit most from bright, task lighting to avoid injuring yourself if you cook at night. Install a recessed spotlight on your roof overhang that is closest to your grill. Alternatively, you can mount lights on a railing behind the area. 

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