How Can I Get Rid of Trees and Stumps?

How Can I Get Rid of Trees and Stumps?

Unwanted trees and stumps can be an eyesore in your yard and challenging to remove. So what’s the best way to get rid of them?

Keep reading for our best tips and tricks. 


Use a Chemical Stump Remover

This process is not a quick fix and, therefore, will require some patience. Start by drilling evenly spaced holes (about six to eight inches apart) into your stump, about twelve inches deep. Then make connecting holes three to four inches down from the rim of your stump, which will act as vents during this process. Next, fill all of your holes with tree stump removal chemicals and water, then wait four to six weeks for the rotting process to take place. You will know the stump is ready when it feels soft and spongy to the touch, and you can begin to remove the rotten wood with an ax. 

Rent a Power Stump Grinder

Many hardware stores have power stump grinders that you can rent. These grinders can speedily wear down your stump, making it much easier to remove. When renting a grinder, you must wear the proper protective gear and follow safety precautions.

Keep This in Mind 

While removing trees and stumps yourself may seem like an easy way to save money, there are some things you should keep in mind:

  • Using a grinder or ax to remove a stump can be strenuous work and can be particularly dangerous for your back. Make sure you use proper form while working, and do not attempt to remove a stump yourself if you have recently experienced a back injury. 
  • Be aware of what’s below. If plumbing has been laid down near the stump you are trying to remove, pulling the stump up could damage your plumbing leading to costly repairs. Figure out what structures are near the stump before you begin trying to remove it. 

Let LaytonScape Help

Ultimately, the best way to remove trees and stumps is to let a professional take care of the job. That’s where LaytonScape comes in; our experts will remove your tree or stump without causing any additional damage to your yard. Additionally, we offer a one-year warranty on all of the supplies we use and the labor we provide so that you can have peace of mind. Take the first step toward the yard of your dreams and contact LaytonScape today; we serve the northern Utah cities of Layton and Clearfield.