Compost for Gardens: Everything You Need to Know

Compost for Gardens: Everything You Need to Know

If you’re getting into gardening, you may have heard about using compost for gardens. But what is compost, and what can it do for your garden?

Keep reading to find out more. 

What Is Compost?

Compost is decomposed organic matter, commonly made out of bits of food or plant matter. Gardeners often use compost as a natural, homemade fertilizer because it is rich in nutrients and microorganisms like worms that help to provide a healthy garden ecosystem. 

How Can Composting Help Your Garden?

So, now that you know what compost is, how can you benefit from compost for gardens? 

  • Composting can help to save the money you would have spent on store-bought fertilizers.
  • Compost helps soil to stick together, allowing it to retain moisture and nutrients better. 
  • When you compost, you are recycling bits of food that would have ended up in a landfill, so you’re not only fertilizing your garden, you’re taking steps toward living a more sustainable lifestyle as well. 
  • Compost helps make your plants healthier and live longer because it makes the soil more resistant to harmful bacteria and insects. 

Where Can You Get Compost for Gardens? 

You can buy pre-bagged compost at almost any supermarket or garden supply store; however, making it yourself is the cheapest and most convenient way to get compost. Start by making a compost pile in your yard. Add grass clippings, old plants, leaves, weeds from your yard, fruit and vegetable trimmings, and other food scraps to your compost pile, as they all make for great ingredients. Allow your compost pile to sit and decompose for at least two weeks and up to twelve (depending on what your pile is made up of) before using. Once your compost has an earthy smell and a crumbly texture, you will know that it is rich in nutrients and ready for use. 

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