Causes of Outdoor Landscaping Lighting Issues, Part 2

Causes of Outdoor Landscaping Lighting Issues, Part 2

In part one of this two-part blog, we went over some of the primary reasons why your landscape’s outdoor lighting might be having problems. Outdoor lights are valuable for everything from home security to emphasizing the most beautiful parts of your landscape, and defective lights detract from these needs.

At LaytonScape, we can help with all your outdoor lighting needs and concerns. In today’s blog, we’ll look at a few additional potential causes of outdoor lighting issues, including one that may simply be caused by a changing need for lighting for your landscape.

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LED Bulb Issues

LED bulbs are a fantastic technological advancement compared to what used to be available, but this leads some to making adventurous assumptions about them. One such assumption is that LED bulbs simply cannot fail – they do last longer than older types, to be sure, but this isn’t actually true and they may eventually fail given enough time.

For this reason, one of the simplest possibilities that you should never gloss over is that your LED bulb just went out. This could happen due to water or high heat levels that impacted the bulb, or due to certain other elements that slowly wear down its lifespan over time. It can usually be fixed simply by replacing the bulb or bulbs in question – if you happen to find an entire section of LED bulbs out, check for specific damage that may have caused the issue, and consider protective blockers to keep them safer in the future.

Exposed Connections and Corrosion

While it’s optimal to keep as many electrical connections related to outdoor lighting covered, there might be situations where some wires are exposed either accidentally or due to basic spatial requirements. In these cases, connections may wear down due to corrosion or other deterioration from the elements, and this can lead to lighting concerns.

In many cases, this results from using do-it-yourself landscape lighting kits – we do not recommend these. Rather, speak to our pros about heat-shrink connections that are resistant to the elements and can operate outdoors very well.

Broader Needs Changing

And finally, there might be other circumstances where your overall needs for outdoor lighting change and dictate either upgrades or a fully replaced system. This is often because you’ve noticed many parts of the system wearing down over time, or it could be because you’ve significantly changed up your landscape and want to highlight your changes. A new system could also be far more functional for several reasons, whether we’re talking emphasizing your yard or helping with motion detection and other basic security measures.

For more on handling issues with any outdoor landscaping lighting, or to learn about what our landscaping contractors can do for you with water features, garden design or many related areas, speak to the pros at LaytonScape today.