Best Ways to Decorate Your Garden

Best Ways to Decorate Your Garden

As we approach the holiday season, we all tend to turn our focus to decorations, and you may be wondering how you should decorate your garden. 

No matter the festivities, decorations are a great way to mark the passage of seasons and create some interest and whimsy in your home. However, it doesn’t have to stay inside your home. There are a lot of options for decorating the exterior of your home, your yard, and your garden. 

We have a lot of experience making homes and yards beautiful, and it goes way beyond the plants and grass. You can transform your yard and garden with decorations that will enhance your landscaping as well as honor the season and design. We’ll give you a few ideas for decorating your garden throughout the seasons for some year-round pizzazz. 

Top Ways to Decorate Your Garden for Every Season

Fall Season

The fall season can naturally bring beautiful colors to your yard and garden, but you can add some more with pumpkins and gourds. Clear away weeds and dead foliage so that the colors can truly shine. 


Yard decorations are particularly fun during the spooky season. Add fake skeletons and gravestones to your garden, or consider creating a haunted walk for trick-or-treaters coming to your house. 


Most homes turn to string lights for the Christmas season, but you can make your home a winter wonderland by adding lighted deer or inflatable snowmen that can compliment the lights. You might add the yard lights along the walkway or poinsettias to bring festive red to the yard. 

Spring Season

Even though it’s months away, we get so excited for the spring season, but sometimes it’s disappointing to wait for the sprouts to come up and blooms to erupt. When the time comes, you can decorate your garden with a few early interest points that help round out your landscaping. For example, you might round out your garden with early bloom flowers or bushes, or consider adding some features like edging or stepstones. 

Summer Season

When it’s really heating up, you can adorn your garden with bird feeders and water features that will help attract the right types of wildlife to your yard. Consider adding cafe lighting for your summer barbecues next year and to highlight your bursting summer garden. Pinwheels can be another addition that add color and interest to your flower beds and garden edges. 

Fourth of July 

There’s no better time to show your patriotism, so find some small flags or consider installing a flagpole to your garden area next year. In fact, you can use the flagpole for other occasions, such as football season. 

Year-Round Character

We’ve talked about the interesting history of the garden gnome, and it can be a fun choice for your yard. Edging for your flowerbeds or painted boxes for raised gardens can create some color and interest for your yard, as well as functional use. 

LaytonScape Can Curate Your Garden

In order to decorate your garden flawlessly year-round, you need to have a healthy yard all year long. No matter the size of your yard, the design of your garden, or the extent of your budget, LaytonScape can provide landscaping solutions that upgrade your property, such as outdoor lighting, water features, and retaining walls. Call us for a quote or ideas for your yard. We proudly serve Davis, Weber, Morgan, and Summit counties in Utah.