Basics on Standard Landscaping Phases

Basics on Standard Landscaping Phases

At LaytonScape, we’re here to help you from start to finish when it comes to landscape installation. We work with you on everything from identifying the designs you like most to implementing them and caring for them on your property.

While every landscaping design project is a little different, they all tend to follow a few broad phases. Our pros will walk you through each of these when the time comes, but here’s a little primer in advance so you have an idea of how to compartmentalize the items you should be planning for.

Basics on Standard Landscaping Phases

Design Phase

Before you buy any materials or delve into any major specifics, you’ll spend significant time with our landscaping pros working on various design elements. We’ll consult with you in advance of the project and go over everything from your basic needs to your most aggressive desires, discussing all of the following areas:

  • What you currently like and don’t like about your landscape, and how you can maintain the themes you enjoy in your new design.
  • Your overall personal style.
  • How you plan to use the space, both aesthetically and practically.
  • Any areas you hope to change, cover or camouflage.
  • Materials or looks you’ve seen in other landscaping designs and want to emulate.

If you’re able to, make a wish list to bring with you to this initial consultation. If you haven’t had much of your own landscape before in the past, such as if this is your first time owning a home, bring some pictures of landscapes you really enjoy to help our pros get an idea of what you’re into.

From here, our landscaping pros will inspect your property and get a good understanding of it. We’ll want to know about things like shade, foot traffic, soil condition and other major features. From here, we can move into the more specific planning phase.

Planning Phase

Once you have a general layout and theme decided on, it’s time to narrow things down before you actually break ground. This is a phase where you’ll consult with your designer about ordering materials, from hardscape items to appliances, plants and more. Don’t feel bad asking for some advice here, particularly if you haven’t done this before – there are a lot of materials out there in the landscaping world, and our pros have a keen eye for which will be best for your project.

In addition to your own planning, this is a phase for working out all building permit or land regulation issues if they’re present. Our experts can walk you through this process if you’re in this position.

Breaking Ground

Once materials have come in and permits are all secured, it’s time to get started on the actual labor itself. This starts with clearing any major items or blockages, then setting project start and finish dates. Be aware, though, that timelines are flexible for these kinds of projects, and you have to be willing to be patient at times.

For more on the phases of landscape design, or to learn about any of our landscaping services, speak to the pros at LaytonScape today.