5 Signs You Need a Retaining Wall

5 Signs You Need a Retaining Wall

If you’re looking for ways to improve your landscaping, a retaining wall may be just what you need. Retaining walls are both practical and aesthetically pleasing, so you’ll be accomplishing two things at once. Here are five signs that you need a wall for your landscape.

Water Drainage Issues

Do you have water pooling in your garden? If so, you’ve got an issue with water drainage. This needs to be remedied quickly since having patches of water can cause problems. You could end up with drowned roots, which will attract mosquitoes in your yard. 

The good news is you can fix this problem–retaining walls have built-in water drainage systems, so pools of water can’t form. 


Erosion is a common problem if you don’t have plenty of soil under your home. It can cause structural issues and mess with your garden. 


Lack of soil equals a lack of roots to hold everything together. You can plant a garden, but before long, you’ll have to replant it because of erosion. Retaining walls can improve your structural foundation and help your garden grow.    

Foundation Concerns

As we mentioned earlier, erosion can mess with your home’s structural foundation. But how exactly does that happen?

You’ll end up with gaps under your house where the soil isn’t consistent. The gaps can lead to cracking. Not only that, but the gaps in the ground under your home will invite water in, which will aggravate your foundation even more.

Retaining walls can dramatically improve your foundation’s health by diverting the water to other parts of your landscaping where it’s needed.

Separating Your Yard

Retaining walls are known for separating your landscaping into different zoning areas. They can be a great way to divide your yard into sections, especially if you regularly use your yard for activities. You can split your backyard into areas like sports/play, entertaining guests, or gardening. 

Flat Land for Greenery

Does your house sit on a slope? You can use a retaining wall to grow a garden! It will prevent gravity from upending your garden. 


So there you have it. Those are five of the reasons why you might need a retaining wall. Do you think you need one? LaytonScape is here to help. We’re a premier landscaping company, and we service the greater Salt Lake City area.
Installing retaining walls is one of the many landscaping projects we do. Please feel free to reach out to us anytime to get started. We offer free consultations.