5 Retaining Walls Tips 

5 Retaining Walls Tips 

Retaining walls have become a popular feature in recent years. Not only do they look stunning, but they’re also incredibly practical.

Retaining Wall Tips

They hold back the soil while providing an eye-catching landscaping piece. However, to truly get the most out of your retaining wall, you should check out our five tips before beginning your project.

1. Know Your Local Laws

The first step to building a stunning retaining wall is to research your local laws. Some areas have regulations on how high the walls can be.

Walls under 4 feet high are typically easier and faster to assemble. However, if you are planning on going over 4 feet, be sure to talk with a certified contractor. High retaining walls are much more technical and may require some regulatory actions.

2. Plan for a Drain Spot

You’ll need to keep in mind where you want to place a drainage unit. Without proper draining capabilities, a retaining wall may sustain damage during storms and flooding.

Proper drainage will result in less pressure to the base — the most important part of the wall. If it loses its integrity, the hardscape won’t last nearly as long.

3. Don’t Limit Your Ideas

Retaining walls and materials have come a long way over the years.

Now it is common to create walls that curve and have multiple tiers. If you want a fancier design, come talk with our talented contractors. We have done thousands of projects, and we won’t limit your dreams.

4. Don’t Be Afraid to Be Different

Did you know you could make your landscaping walls out of wood? How about cement?

The truth is, a good-looking retaining wall can be made out of many different materials. Don’t be afraid to ask your contractor what options are available. You’d be surprised how good your wall can look.

5. Incorporate the Landscape into Your Retaining Walls

Our last tip is to incorporate your surroundings into the plan for your wall. The best walls are the ones that easily assimilate into the area.

Choose rocks and materials that compliment the style of your area. This could be red stones to match a desert-like layout or rough granite to reflect the mountains.

Utah Designers on Your Side

The most important step to designing your dream landscape is finding an experienced contractor to assist you.

Here at LaytonScape, we’ve worked with thousands of customers to create custom stunning spaces. We’re excited to help you out too.

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