4 Reasons Why You Should Leave Landscape Installation to the Professionals

4 Reasons Why You Should Leave Landscape Installation to the Professionals

High-quality landscaping can have a huge impact on your home’s curb appeal, but landscape installation is more work than you might think. 

There’s a common misconception that you can simply rake some dirt, lay some sod, plant a few shrubs, and be done with it. In reality, designing and installing a beautiful landscape is much more work. And without the proper training and tools, DIY landscaping can turn into a disaster in no time at all. 

Here’s a look at four reasons you should forego DIY landscaping and leave it to trained professionals.

1. Save Time, Stress, and Energy

Owning a home is a lot of work, and there’s a good chance that you have more on your plate than thinking about your landscape. If you’re barely keeping your head above water as it is, adding in another project might not be the best way to go. 

Even if you’re handling life like a pro, there’s no need to spend the extra time, stress, and energy it takes to install your own landscape. So you have two options:

  • Option 1: Attempt to tackle your landscape design and installation on your own. Spend all day at work, then come home to eat a quick dinner and get outside. Start on a project, and then realize that you don’t have all of the right tools. Make a quick trip to a home improvement store for the right tools, and then get back to realize that it’s dark and you’ll have to try again another day.

Wait for the weekend when you can finally get out and spend a whole day working, and hope that it hasn’t rained or isn’t too windy. Be prepared to spend a lot more money than expected on trips to the home improvement store. Continue this way for several months until the project is complete.

  • Option 2: Hire a landscape installation professional to handle all of the work for you.
    They’ll design a stunning landscape for you and give you a quote upfront so you know how much to plan for cost-wise. Focus on your work and home life rather than dividing your time and attention in a million different ways. Sit back with an ice-cold drink while you watch the landscape experts do their thing.

    You’ll be having a party in your new yard in no time, so be sure to be prepared for all the praise and compliments you’re about to get.

2. Get a Timeless Design

You’ve undoubtedly seen plenty of beautiful, timeless landscape designs. And perhaps you’ve even done a bit of landscaping here and there. Maybe you helped a neighbor lay sod or built a retaining wall with your brother. But a little experience doesn’t hold a candle to a trained team of professionals with years of practice designing and installing high-quality landscapes. 

Professional landscape architects have the skills and experience required to create a beautiful, timeless landscape for your home or business.

A DIYer may mistakenly try to tuck a garden plot into an inconspicuous corner of the yard and then wonder why they can’t grow anything. A professional landscaper would recognize that that piece of land doesn’t get enough sunlight during the day because of how the fence is positioned. 

The first step to a stunning landscape is a thoughtful design, and the professionals have all of the skills and experience to get it right the first time, so you’re not trying to redo unsuccessful projects for years to come.

3. Find Plants That Will Thrive in Your Environment 

Buying the right plants for your area can be difficult. Just because you can find a certain plant at your local nursery doesn’t mean it will do well in your environment. Keep in mind that plant nurseries exist to make money, so they benefit from supplying a broad range of plants to suit their customer’s preferences. But that doesn’t make them suitable for your landscape.

Utah is one of the driest states in the United States and has very low humidity levels. This makes it very difficult to grow certain plants. And the last thing you want is to fill your landscape with plants that must be watered around the clock, especially with watering restrictions due to Utah’s extreme drought conditions. 

A professional will be able to recommend plants that will fill your landscape with beauty while also thriving in the local climate.

4. Keep Problems and Setbacks to a Minimum

Thinking about renting a skid steer or trencher for your landscaping project? These tools can be extremely helpful, but they can also be costly to rent. Not to mention they can do a number on the already-finished parts of your landscape, like the grass in your front yard or the sidewalk and driveway.

Landscaping comes with a lot of mess and some disruptions to your daily life. An inexperienced homeowner can easily find themselves in a world of hurt when they attempt to install their landscaping on their own. Professional landscapers, on the other hand, know how to work around existing features and keep the mess to a minimum.

Imagine being weeks into a landscape project only to find that things aren’t working out as you’d planned. At that point, you’ve probably sunk hundreds or even thousands of dollars into tools and materials. And chances are, you’ll end up hiring a landscape installer to finish the project anyway.

So why not skip past the messy and problematic DIY and consult a professional before you even start? You’ll be glad you saved yourself the time, money, mess, and heartache of a poorly planned and executed landscape. 

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